Pantallas Perimetrales para estadios

LED Perimeter Banner Displays system Function Description

Image information: You can play different formats of graphics, image files. Such as BMP, JPG, JEPG, GIF and other computer can recognize the image file. At the same time can be scheduled to play subscription content playback program image; playback speed control and regulation by the back-free, unattended operation of LED screen playback.

Make program easily: development tools are Windows-based object-oriented multimedia platform, WYSIWYG, taking the icon toolbar, without programming.

Layout free: software functions can be realized separately displaying video, text or images; in a variety of information displayed on the same screen, any layout.

Strong adaptability: in the normal broadcast, for the temporary additions and changes to content, to lock the current screen, need to shut down the «black» screen.

Network interface function: enables local area network (or professional network or INTERNET) of the Internet, remote control, remote playback display content through the network to download and play network information.

Intelligent power to achieve the fan automatically turns on and off, overheating of the automatic protection, and can automatically recover and realize no one to maintain.



1. Power Distribution System Description

  1. Screen power three-phase five-wire system.
  2. According to display the power consumption (note not the largest screen of the total power to determine the total air from side to panel circuit breaker distribution box side of the cable specifications.
  3. Distribution box used in the display screen installed in the vicinity. If placed close from the screen, pay attention to placement as far as possible without affecting the screen door and unit maintenance personnel and to facilitate the distribution lines running out of according to circumstances at the scene to determine the vertical, side-mount available.
  4. Distribution and trunking or cable lines, the design and construction should be consistent with relevant national standards.

2. Power Topology

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 2.35.50 PM

Packing & Transportation

Convenient Transportation:
2 pcs cabinets/flight case.

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